Model FR99

Size 3/4- 1/2

The Model FR99 F.R. Pfretszchner Bass is your perfect Bass for
the advancing student made in our overseas workshop, The Fr99  Bass
is finished with a glossy reddish-brown nitro lacquer. The
model FR99 is well constructed with a solid Spruce top and Euro-style
laminated Maple back and sides. The bass is assembled
with brass machine heads, Kolstein adjustable bridge and
fine ebony fittings. The instrument is strung up with
D’Addario Kaplans so the sound projects extraordinarily well
whether you are bowing or playing pizzicato. The Bass is
protected with a heavy-duty Cordura bag and includes
American rosin and French or German style Glasser bow .


Every Instrument  is Setup and
Inspected in our Specialty Shop

Model 202

Sizes: 3/4-7/8

The model FR202 is an extraordinary bass that is made to perfection in
our workshop in Prague. The instrument is beautifully hand rubbed
with a reddish-brown antique spirit varnish. The construction of the
bass top is a two piece sectional plate of fine seasoned European medium
grain Spruce top. The back table is a flat back two piece sectional table of
highly seasoned slightly figured slab cut European Poplar. The ribs are
of a matching character Poplar to that of the back. The neck and scroll
are both figured Maple. The gears on the Bass are individual Tyrolean
wooden knobs and brass tuners. The bass features a Fendt endpin and
setup with a Kolstein adjustable bridge. The Instrument is strung up in
the  with D’addario Kaplan strings that offer an old world
quality of sound with great depth and projection in all registers.

Every Instrument  is Setup and
Inspected in our Specialty Shop